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Shimano Dura Ace Wh 9170 C60 Disc Tubular Wheelset

Shimano Dura Ace WH-9170-C60 Disc Tubular Wheelset

Roval CLX 50 Disc wheelset
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Campagnolo Bora ONE 50 Clincher Wheelset
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The Dura-Ace WH-9170-C6 Disc Wheelset is the 9100 rim and technology applied to thru-axle disc-brake hubs.
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As disc brake road bikes are getting faster and faster, Shimano has the wheels to top off that speed. The Dura-Ace WH-9170-C6 Disc Wheelset is the 9100 rim and technology applied to thru-axle disc-brake hubs. There are two versions, the tubular or TU, and the tubeless or TL.

The rim is first and foremost. Shimano is embracing wide rims. This rim has a 24mm outside width, which not only increases air volume in existing tires, but makes wider tires, like 25mm wide tires, more aerodynamic, as the sidewalls are more flush with the rim walls. The depth, 60mm, is great for time trials, triathlons, and flat to rolling road races and crits. It’s available in both Tubular and Tubeless configurations.

The tubular version weighs in pretty close to the traditional rim-brake hubbed wheel, with 665g front and 827g rear. The tubeless version is a bit heavier, and tips the scales at 741g for the front and 903g for the rear. The spokes, arrayed in a cross-two pattern on both left and right sides of both front and rear wheels, are straight-pull, bladed, and thread into internal nipples to take the aerodynamics as far as possible.

The tubular version is not only the road racer’s choice, but also that of the ‘cross racer. With the rim depth, you’re not going to pick up muck on the rim-it will just slide off. Good, too, for racing through sand. The Tubeless (aka TL

The wheels utilize Shimano’s Road E-Thru 12mm thru-axle spacing. The rotor mounting is, of course, Centerlock. The freehub body is made of titanium for light weight, and the internals have been reworked for lower drag and quieter freewheeling action.

The Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9170-C60 Disc wheelset offers you Shimano system reliability and a great new rim shape for all your riding adventures.

Center Lock
Brake Type
Wheel Size
Rim height/depth
Rim Material
Weight (front/rear)
Spoke Count (front/rear)
Bladed, butted, aluminum
Hub axle system (front/rear)
Bearing Cone/Cup
CBN Finish


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