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Shimano Xtr Pd M9100 Race Pedals

Shimano XTR PD-M9100 Race Pedals

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Shimano has updated their XTR pedals to create the M9100. This redefined pedal is their new gold standard for cross-country, gravel, and cyclocross riders.
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Wide edge to edge contact provides a solid pedal to shoe interface which transmits power more efficiently and gives your bike more control than ever. On the trail, it is always important to have impeccable balance through technical terrain without losing speed. The Shimano XTR PD-M9100 will do just that for you.

The redefined pedal shape has rounded edges which makes it easier to shed mud. A cylindrical contact area also keeps muck away from your feet while also helping with consistent in and out stepping. This new design, available in two different spindle length options gives riders stress-free pedaling along with improved axle durability. Cleats are very easy to connect and disconnect which makes it simple to step out and walk with your bike or break into an impromptu hike. The retention mechanism can also be adjusted with a hex screw on the back of each pedal without making cleat removal any more difficult. These pedals are as good as it gets for any XC or cross rider.

Chromoly Steel (spindle); Aluminum (body)
Spindle Diameter
Pedal Wrench Type


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